Monday, October 8, 2012

Behavior and imitation.

What makes our habits and attitudes. After I was born, I have been getting information from outside until the death in a society.
My behavior is influenced by other people and stories they made consciously or subconsciously. In other words, I imitates other people to live in a society.

Focusing on stories, such as novels, dramas, plays, movies, MAD movies, and so on, they powerfully influence me if I doesn't care and perhaps even if I does care.
Usually, a story has main characters, they talk with each other and sometimes love or share or fight. In a story, they influence and Evaluate each other. I ,often, imitate them.

I should pay attention to that a story I read or watch is just one of many stories and made by somebody. It is sometimes for one's purpose. It is important to get out of a story after soaked in it and to see it with cool and calm mind. I should, then, evaluate the story and judge if I accept behaviors in it. Stories give me a chance to review my behavior.

That' all.

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